About us

Clevy Links is an operator of self-designed logistics and parcel delivery solutions made for B2C cross-border e-commerce: Direct delivery of parcels, bonded warehouse and exports/imports. Our geographical scope is global from/to China, and getting transversal.

What we do!


CLEVY LINKS offer a complete range of delivery and logistics services made for professionals of B2C cross-border e-commerce in most of the countries being large recipients or emitters of e-commerce; end to end delivery of parcels, customs clearance, fulfillment, warehousing, big data analytics, software development, tracking, shipping fee collection.


The solutions offered by CLEVY are designed, developed and operated by CLEVY. CLEVY integrate the whole chain of collect, sorting, transport, customs clearance, delivery and tracking in effective door to door products that cross-border e-commerce market places, e-merchants or consolidators can directly use.


A global venture that started in China

CLEVY started in China in 2009 as a technical consulting company focusing on e-commerce logistics, founded by Frederic Campagnac, a French national with extensive experience in transport, logistics, engineering and cross-border business with China


CLEVY fully turned to cross-border e-commerce shipping in 2013, when they developed and started operating a new delivery solution to eastern Europe/CIS through Lithuania, acquiring the name of CLEVY LINKS. Relying on its first success, CLEVY engaged on the fast development of more solutions to more destinations as early as 2015. From 2016 on, CLEVY has been developing its presence overseas, starting with western and eastern Europe.


CLEVY LINKS has now turned into a strong and fast-growing IT-based company offering the whole range of logistics services needed for cross-border e-commerce activities.


Creation of CLEVY, a technical consultant in E-commerce.


Start of the shipping activity through a partnership with Lithuanian Post offering 30 destinations.


Development of CIS and central Asia activities. +60 origin-destinations.


Start of the France express solution.


Start of Europe land route. Full integration of the first mile in China.


Incorporation of the EU affiliate company in France (CLEVYA). Start of express solutions to major European countries. Start of flow from Europe and Turkey. Start of dedicated solutions to Africa. + 400 origin-destinations.

Who we are



CLEVY LINKS is an operator of self-designed logistics and parcel delivery solutions made for B2C cross-border e-commerce: parcel shipping, fulfillment, warehousing, customs clearance.
CLEVY geographical scope, originally from/to China, has grown global in the last few years.


CLEVY integrates the whole chain of parcel collection, labelling, sorting, transport, customs clearance and delivery in effective door to door services easy to use for customers like e-sellers or marketplaces. In particular, CLEVY’s IT system has been developed in-house and meets the customers’ needs with precision.


CLEVY LINKS has the unique particularity to be truly international, its shareholders being a balanced mix of Chinese and Europeans.


CLEVY team is composed of some of the brightest international experts of express/postal delivery, customs, transport, international trade, government affairs, IT and on-line marketing. Relying on a combination of strong management processes, IT system and effective operations skills worldwide, CLEVY LINKS has been able to greatly differentiate in the cross-border e-commerce market.


CLEVY is developing globally, relying on a dynamic base of 500 million parcels processed in 2018. Headquartered in Shenzhen, CLEVY is already present in western and eastern Europe, UK, Central Asia, USA, expanding to new areas at a fast pace – and recruiting talents in each region where e-commerce is developed or developing.

The Clevy Links Management Team

20 year of project development between China and Europe, French Foreign Trade Advisor, ex Top Executive of CMA CGM
Frederic Campagnac

Founder and CEO

Extensive shipping experience with La Poste and PUDO network
Stéphane Garnier

Development Director for Western Europe

Ex-top executive from Lithuanian post, huge experience in postal and courier industry
Arunas Venckavicius

COO, VP for CIS and Eastern Europe

Striking strategy and marketing skills in the Chinese market


International trade specialist

UK Sales Manager

Extensive experience in China and international logistics

Operations Manager