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Excellence in cross-border parcel shipping.

Safe, stable, timely, digital and economical.

Postal Shipping

Global geographical coverage for small packets up to 2kg through partnerships with designated postal operators of the Universal Postal Union. This is in general the most economic shipping solution, customized by CLEVY for e-commerce with improvements in the delivery performance (speed, reliability, tracking). Three main services are offered: Ordinary (untracked and most economic),Tracked and Registered (delivery in hands, may include a compensation in case of loss or damage).

Express Shipping

CLEVY fast solutions for parcels up to 30kg. These original solutions, implying commercial customs clearance conducted by CLEVY, cover major e-commerce destinations : Europe, North America and China. Allowing a real time full tracking, they are often preferred for higher value goods, or goods to be delivered particularly fast (in 3-10 days). They may come with a set of options like insurance, proof of delivery, cash on delivery.

IOSS Fiscal Intermediation


As of July 1, 2021, new European Union Value Added Tax (EU VAT) rules will be in place introducing the Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) system and the end of tax exemption for imports under 22 € in the EU.


CLEVY and its partner CLEFINO have developed an IOSS solution that allows sellers or marketplaces to handle all VAT reform related matters in a fast and seamless way both for the shipper and the recipient.


CLEFINO is offering fiscal intermediation and tax representation services (including registration of the seller in IOSS system, VAT declaration and reconciliation) for customers selling goods to the EU and ensures compliance to the new regulation.



Solutions for pre-positioning the merchants’ goods in their warehouse in the major e-commerce recipient countries (Europe and North America). This activity relies on CLEVY existing transport and customs clearance corridors. Can be conducted by air, land or sea transport depending on the merchant’s lead time request.

Tracking and Statistics: Big data analytics

CLEVY process a large scope of data in a customized way: statistics, tracking information, prevision of delivery date, order cancelation, combination of parcels to the same recipient, cash on delivery, alerts to the merchants, notifications to the consumer, etc. The merchants get enhanced visibility from the reports to steer their actions and trigger high level of added value.


CLEVY warehousing activity provide for three main services: the collection and processing in the origin country, the pick pack in the destination countries or close to the destination countries, and the management of the returns in the country of destination.

For this purpose, CLEVY relies on a network of own or partner warehouses in China, Europe  and North America, performing the reception, weighing, sorting, re-addressing, storage, combination, shipping and any other processing requested on parcels. CLEVY sorting capacity in China tops 6 million parcels a day.


CLEVY develop and operate customized solutions fully optimized given the legal, tax and logistics environment.

Advanced IT systems

CLEVY in-house startup, led by an experienced and accomplished CTO, has created the most advanced IT system in the industry for more efficient and innovative solutions. CLEVY IT services are exclusively reserved to CLEVY customers and partners.

On the request of marketplaces, CLEVY may develop some modules of their IT system related to logistics/shipping, and on the request of shipping partners, CLEVY may develop or adapt specific e-commerce, shipping or warehouse software, and ensure their operability.

Some cross-border e-marketplaces that use CLEVY services directly and through their appointed consolidators, or recommend CLEVY to their e-merchants