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Door-to-door delivery and logistics services dedicated to
B2C cross-border e-commerce
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marketplaces, e-merchants and consolidators


Global geographical coverage for parcels up to 2kg through partnerships with postal operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the most economical solution, customized by CLEVY for e-commerce.

Express with customs clearance

Fast solutions for parcels up to 30kg with enhanced tracking and customs clearance.

Advanced IT systems

Production of the most advanced IT systems in the industry for more efficient and integrated solutions, for the convenience of CLEVY and CLEVY customers, especially the marketplaces.


Parcel collection from the seller warehouse in China and Europe. With 50 agencies and more than 300 vehicles, CLEVY covers 98% of the sellers in China.


CLEVY warehouses are situated in strategic locations across China, Europe, US and Central Asia to perform the reception, weighing, sorting, re-addressing, storage, combination, shipping and any other processing requested on parcels.

Tracking and Statistics

Sophisticated and customized data services provided to our customers on their shipments.

Facts and Figures

+98% of Chinese sellers are covered by CLEVY network of collect

6 million parcels/day of automatic sorting capacity in China

+100,000 sellers worldwide are plugged in to CLEVY solutions

+400 origin - destinations for parcel shipping

Some of our customers and partners

Geographically and culturally global

What we do


CLEVY LINKS offer a complete range of delivery and logistics services made for professionals of B2C cross-border e-commerce in most of the countries being large recipients or emitters of e-commerce ; end to end delivery of parcels, customs clearance, fulfillment, warehousing, big data analytics, software development, tracking, shipping fee collection. The solutions offered by Clevy are designed, developed, managed, and operated by Clevy.


Everything about the new EU VAT rules and IOSS system


As of July 1, 2021, new European Union Value Added Tax (EU VAT) rules will be in place
introducing the Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) system and the end of tax exemption for imports under 22 € in the EU
New service available

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Understanding the importance of these changes will be essential for any business which has buyers within the EU, which is why we recommend this complete EU VAT and IOSS guide.


The IOSS guide gathers  important information on how to register for IOSS, with or without an IOSS EU intermediary and what the best options are available when it comes to IOSS registration.


The guide also contains important details about the new EU VAT and customs duty changes, such as country-by-country fee variations as well as IOSS fiscal intermediary and representative information.


Finally, it will also give an overview on the new requirements for Electronic Interfaces, package tracking and the benefits of using the IOSS scheme in comparison DDU & DDP shipping.


Find out all you need to know about the IOSS scheme and the EU VAT changes and more, from experts in the field.

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